A Rant About Food


Your body’s need to melt down the fat and gain muscle is simply organic. Why? Because by human nature we want to look sexy and be psychologically assured about ourselves.

For starter’s we all want to look like our favorite sports superstars.. but that is easier said than done. So what is the answer?

Well, let me answer that by telling you what happened to me the other day.

First off, I was having a really stressful day so I decided to wind it down and relax. So… among my favorite methods to relax after a frantic day was to sit back and turn to the TV. My favorite TV network for years has been the Food Network. Yes, I know don’t laugh. I just love to kick back watch chefs make fattening foods on TV.

While I watched these chefs, I thought to myself that I would usually have a bite to eat as well. Maybe it sounds stupid, but how can you help but snack when you’re watching someone cooking and tasting fantastically fattening dishes. Not attempting to quit the TV shows I loved, myself, I decided to find some healthy snacks that were easy to eat while I was watching the channel. Granted, I was surprised to see that there aren’t many shows the Food Network, or any of the others that offered advice about healthy bites, never mind healthful bites that were simple to prepare as well.

That is about bites also, although when I turned to the net and found there is an abundance of advice not just about diets and foods that are healthy. In case you’re counting calories, making the change to healthy bites from everyday snacks may make an enormous difference, particularly if you are on a calorie counting diet just like the 1200 calorie diet plan that many have had success with. Like the majority of folks these days myself’m rather busy, that’s why I desire things that easy to prepare, and simple bites that are healthy save me calories and time. Of course everyone want to do the Lebron James diet, however I think that doesn’t even work. I just wish there was an easy way to get fit…

So what did I learn… that if I had just went out to the gym instead of spending time on the sofa, I would have been a step closer to my fitness goal.

So my advice to you is get away from your computer, go out, and move!

Well thats all.. until next time.



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